For years, the Download festival has been one of Great Britain’s most popular festival events, with annual appearances by the world’s greatest rock bands and metal icons. In recent years, successful offshoots have been added in France (Paris) and Australia. Now it is Germany’s turn to welcome one of the world’s most important and spectacular rock festivals. Download Germany sees a new player enter the German festival landscape, with straight rock DNA and a clear mission: to deliver the best hard ‘n’ heavy music experience.

Download Germany offers genuine rock lovers in Germany a new home at the Hockenheimring motordrome. On 24 June 2022, up to ten top acts will perform on a spectacular and gigantic double stage at one of the most legendary mega-concert locations.

To support this mission, organiser Live Nation has been able to secure the ultimate of all rock bands as the headliner for the Hockenheimring premiere: METALLICA – playing their only concert in Germany next year at Download Germany as part of the release of their newly remastered Black Album.

Together with other absolute rock heavyweights like Five Finger Death Punch and Sabaton (a 2022 festival exclusive in Germany!), and an expected audience of over 70,000, Download Germany is set to leave a mighty and lasting footprint.

Download Germany. We love it loud!