Under 18

Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to be admitted to the event site, even if they are accompanied by a custodial person. Children between the ages from 8 to 15 may only attend the concerts if accompanied by a custodial person or by a person acting with parental authority and each of them are in possession of a valid admission ticket. For young people aged 16 years and over, admission to concerts and musical performances until midnight is approved when unaccompanied by a guardian or person acting with parental authority. The written parental consent/authorisation has to be presented upon entry.

“Persons acting with parental authority” must satisfy the following requirements:

  • the person has reached the age of 18

  • the person can display a proxy of a custodial person stating that the person is acting with the consent of the custodial person, a copy of the ID card of the custodial person has to be displayed along with the proxy, too

  • the person can display the maturity required to be able to responsibly provide a child with the support necessary in the situation,

  • able to ensure the child will get home.

Parental Consent Form download here