Sustainability Charter

Green Nation – Our Mission

As the world’s leader in live entertainment, we have a responsibility to preserve the live music experience for generations to come and a tremendous opportunity to use our platform to inspire global environmental action. We will work to reduce the environmental impact of our venues and festivals to ensure we are being responsible global citizens, taking care of the communities where we operate, and doing our part to curb the most harmful impacts of global climate change.

Global Focus

The Green Nation strategy is implemented worldwide and focuses on the following topics:

  • To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, thereby contributing to the Paris climate change targets.
  • All our venues, offices, and live events we own and operate are to run on 100% renewable energy by 2030. Our buildings and venues shall operate according to certified energy efficiency standards.
  • Conscious use of natural resources and the promotion of biodiversity are also important to us. We aim to achieve a material recovery rate of at least 50% by 2030.

As part of the Green Nation strategy, we also pursue social sustainability goals and aim to make our events as barrier-free and inclusive as possible. And we are committed to gender equality and diversity in the planning and realization of our events.


We have identified eight priority areas that make up our sustainability work: emissions and energy, water, resource use and waste reduction, catering, public engagement, procurement, transport, and local impacts. Each area has been assessed in the context of their impact on, and contribution to the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We continuously collect festival data in these eight areas of impact, which we use to measure and determine, among other things, the CO2 emissions and resource consumption of the events and to form baseline values, comparative with previous and subsequent years. This enables us to align our sustainable activities and measures with our goals in the long term.

Climate Change

Every event, and therefore every festival, generates a large amount of CO2 emissions, which we want to reduce step by step in the upcoming years.

The Download Germany Festival is based at the Hockenheimring. As an established, all-year event location, the Hockenheimring offers the opportunity to cover a part of our festival needs with the existing infrastructure of buildings, parking areas, spectator facilities, landline power, data, water and wastewater connections, thus reducing both direct CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts. We use existing buildings as workspaces, dressing rooms and storage areas, allowing us to greatly reduce the number of containers and tents that need to be transported. We purchase a portion of our electricity from landline providers, enabling us to reduce the number of power generators and resource consumption of fuel. We cannot eliminate yet the need for power generators, but our team develops accurate power demand plans to use the required power generators as efficiently as possible.

We analyze the composition of the catering menus for visitors, crew and artists to positively influence their CO2 footprint and the regionality of the ingredients. We are working on a solution to communicate the footprint of the food menus in a positive way, without being prescriptive, to activate visitors decisions.

Resource efficiency and biodiversity

In the area of resource efficiency and biodiversity, we focus on waste avoidance, resource conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. We collect data on the amount, types, proportions and sources of waste in order to be able to plan and implement targeted waste prevention measures in subsequent editions of the festival.

The use of the Hockenheimring enables us to draw 100% of the water needs directly from landline systems without any transport effort. Wastewater is discharged into landline systems without the need for transportation. This eliminates the use of storage tanks, tanker trucks and the associated transport trips that would cause significant CO2 emissions.

In 2022, we are already implementing the following measures to preserve resources:

  • All festival tickets will only be available as paperless digital tickets.
  • We are installing sufficient points of drinking water supply both backstage and in the audience area, and we are eliminating the use of disposable plastic water bottles.
  • PC and PP reusable cups are used at the event in a deposit system.
  • We increase the proportion of low-carbon food by reducing beef and other CO2-intensive foods in the menu selection and including more regional vegetables in the food offering.
  • We reduce the share of water-intense mobile plastic toilets in favour of water-saving, sustainable vacuum sanitation systems.

Stakeholder involvement

In 2021, Live Nation GSA has appointed a responsible person from senior festival management to plan and coordinate the implementation of the Green Nation strategy at the Live Nation festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a structured manner and in line with the Group’s global Green Nation program. The responsible person receives support from a team in the planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up of the measures.

Workers in the planning teams and on site are made aware of the implementation of the Green Nation strategy at an early stage. This includes training on sustainable working methods and resource-conserving use of operating resources and vehicles, as well as on the use of tools for collecting and evaluating the necessary data.

This also includes cooperation with our partners to make the festival more sustainable in a holistic way. We involve the artists and sponsoring partners in the implementation of the Green Nation strategy, informing them about the existing objectives and their influence to support these.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability aspects are also part of our sustainability strategy.

We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination of religion, race, sex and sexual orientation, disabilities, or other reasons. We support access and inclusion of people with disabilities by bringing our infrastructure in line with barrier-free requirements.

Gender equality is a major concern for us. Since the position was established in 2016, the festival director has been a woman. Within the festival production team, we aim for at least 40% representation of each of the binary genders in the overall organization. By defining the festival’s Green Nation team as a primary point of contact to non-binary people for personal issues, we create a working atmosphere where non-binary people can feel comfortable and want to become part of our team,

The sustainable development of awareness structures to protect individuals against discrimination and against sexualized violence in the work and festival organization and raising awareness in this regard is another objective of Live Nation, which is implemented at the festival events as part of the concept "If You See Something, Say Something".

Visitor communication

Our visitors have a variety of options to help us implement the Green Nation strategy, including their choice of transportation to get to the festival, their food and beverage choices, and their general behaviour on site.

Activating these opportunities is the focus of our Green Nation communication with visitors, which we use to accompany the festival communication before, during and after the event with surveys and suggestions for sustainable festival attendance.